Lim tong Press

Lim Chek Hun founded Lim Tong Press, Inc. in 1939, building the company’s foundations with a single hand fed machine. As the years went by, the company steadily grew and another hand fed machine was acquired from an American distributor. He then further enhanced the company’s technological capacity through the acquisition of an automated printing machine. This enabled the company to serve more customers without sacrificing more time for production. By this time, the company was growing substantially. In 1960, the success eventually paved the way for Lim Tong Press, Inc. to become the first company to employ an offset printing machine in Visayas and Mindanao. Because of the upgrade, the company could now accept an assortment of printing projects, which included the printing of labels, calendars, export quality packaging and other printing specialties all across Visayas and Mindanao (these projects had previously been limited to companies in Manila).

During the 90’s, the company attained new heights by importing state of the art printing machines from Germany in an effort to further improve the company’s printing quality. These machines ranged from 4-color machines to 6-color machines. In 1996, the addition of these machines made possible the inception of Scan Graphic Systems, Inc. – a subsidiary company comprised of high tech equipment for color separation and graphic design.

Recently, Lim Tong Press, Inc. has upgraded its prepress to accommodate computer to plate technology in order to provide better quality printing for its customers at no additional cost. During 2012 and 2013, the company made another technological upgrade through the acquisition of two of the most modern Heidelberg series of printing machines. These technological advancements have made Lim Tong Press, Inc. one of the better printing companies in the country today. Throughout its 70+ year history, Lim Tong Press, Inc. has shown that in every endeavour the company has undertaken, it has done so in constant pursuit of one goal: ultimate customer satisfaction through high quality printing and great after sales service.