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Our Services

Here at LIM TONG PRESS, we cater to any job: Customize your volume, set your design preferences, and we will work to exceed your expectations and maximize your budget. Get the most out of your money and still get the best service. Here are but a few products that we have produced for our satisfied customers.

Packaging, Labels, Boxes

Our top of the line offset printing machines are there to attain your label and packaging needs. Here are just a few advantages you have at your control when choosing offset printing:

  • Maximum control over your color output and quality
  • Highly customizable die-cut designs if you want to use unique sizes and shapes
  • Prices also go down as the volume increases which is a distinct advantage when you want to save up on costs.
  • Several post-press processes at your disposal (including lamination, varnishing, and foil stamping)
  • Choose from a variety of custom paper stocks (stickers included)

Brochures, Flyers, Catalogs, and Magazines

At Lim Tong Press, Inc., we offer a wide range of customization for your brochures, flyers, postcards, magazines and catalogs in order to fit your specific needs.

This includes:

  • Designing
  • Offset or digital printing
  • Standard and customizable paper sizes
  • A wide variety of paper stock
  • Special post press processes including die cutting, lamination, and foil stamping


Calendars are a must in today’s fast paced world. You want your schedules to be precise, your commitments encircled in black, and your deadlines met. We provide a large range of calendar services (customizable or ready-made) so feel free to discuss your specifics with us. Catalogs available upon request or until supplies last.

Business, Office, and Hotel Collaterals

Business letterheads, envelopes and calling cards are a must for any enterprising individual. Choose from a variety of standard and specialty paper and get your business up in an instant. We offer:

  • Standard and specialty paper (on availability)
  • Offset and Digital Printing Service depending on the volume you wish to have made
  • Adjust your office collaterals according to your needs with our helpful team of graphic artists

Printed Marketing Materials

In business, having a great product is the most important thing. And having the proper materials to let that product be known is just as important. Keep your customers informed and leave an impression that is hard to forget.  We offer you maximum flexibility at affordable rates.

  • Choose from a large variety of paper at our disposal
  • Adaptable print schedule
  • Lower costs at higher volume


Forms, Receipts, Official Booklets

An essential part of any company, having the appropriate forms on hand will not only assist those working within the company, but will also ensure customers are left with the impression that they are dealing with a professional and reliable organization. Our products range from:

  • Business Forms – Sales Invoice, OR, DR, PO, SOA, Letterhead
  • Carbonless Forms and Booklets
  • Continuous Forms and Booklets
  • Numbered Forms and Booklets